President’s nomination of Bernard Kerik to be the secretary of the Homeland Security Department became sour. On Friday night Mr. Kerik withdrew his name from consideration to the position. His swift withdrawal made the nomination look like a farce.

Initially, Mr. Kerik, the former NYPD commissioner is legendary. A son of a prostitute, he was abandoned when he was 2-year-old. As a high-school drop-out he has never received college education. His life is typical one elevated from the bottom rung of the social ladder to its top rung.

Mr. Kerik used to go bankruptcy when he was a policeman. After he became Giuliani the former mayor’s partner in their lucrative business Mr. Kerik turned into a multimillionaire. Especially, in the stun gun manufacturer Taser he owns shares and the company sells stun guns to the polic departments across the United States.

For his partner's withdrawal Mr. apologized to the White House. For the distraction Mr.Kerik explained that he eventually found his ex-house keeper was an illegal immigrant.He fell a victim of the nanny-gate. His withdrawal made the President and Giuliani feel embarrassed. Bernie Kerik's messy personal life finally caught up with him.