It is true.

I once had an ear that got sold to a fish.

Lean back: I will be glad to tell you all about

How it happened,

But first I must digress a bit,

Perhaps way beyond any logical sequence

Of events

We may ever again piece together.

Lets see,

We could start anywhere,

With any word,

In this fertile luminous world in which I live.

What is the first letter of your alphabet?



That will be just fine.

Art is the conversation between lovers.

Art offers an opening for the heart.

True art makes the divine silence in the soul

Break into applause.

Art is, at last the knowledge of

Where we are standingD

Where we are standing

In this Wonderland

When we rip off all our clothes

And this blind mans patch, veil,

That got tied across our brow.

We are partners straddling the universe.

Someone inside of us

Has one foot

Upon each resplendent pole.

Someone inside of us is now kissing

The hand of God

And wants to share with us

That grand news.

You will find yourself knee-deep in ecstasy

When all your talents to love

Have reached their heights.

Hafiz, time, space, and boredom

Are just passing fads.

All your pain, worry, sorrow

Will someday apologize and confess

They were a great lie.

Lets see,

O yes,

Look how we got distracted,

Beyond logical events.

I remember we were talking about:

The Ear That Got Sold to a Fish.

It is true

The moon once put a price

Upon my head.

And then hired a gang of

Young thugs.

It seems the Beloved felt

I had been telling too many secrets,

Giving too much of His precious wine

Away for free.

So I got called before a fat burly judge.

But I pleaded my own case well.

I said,

It is all the fault of prayer,

It has filled me with divine treasures

That I love to loosely spend.


I brought a ticket for my eye

Upon that White Sky Bird

That never touches ground,

And I bribed an ancient deep-sea fish

To buy my ear and drown.

Now whenever the Beloved whispers

Or even slightly moves

I get a scouting report

That a thousand saints could envy

And would pawn their hearts to know.

Hafiz has become

One of the greatest spies upon God

This world has ever seen.

That is why the moon once got rough.

That is why that fat burly judge

Once crowded all of heaven into a small jury box.

God knowingly did risk my case becoming famous

If I won.

I think He really wanted my name

To spread forever wide.

Have you ever contemplated the thought

As I once did,

That the Beloved already knew, already knew,

Everything long before,

So long before we were ever born.

But now to end this drunken song

With its essence in refrain:

Art is the conversation between lovers.

True art awakes the