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    posted on 09/03/2007

    Glenn Gould, facing a string quartet on stage in an empty hall, with parts for his String Quartet, Op. 1 on the music stands. 196?

    Glenn Gould, Howard Scott and a CBS recording engineer, listening to tapes of the String Quartet, Op. 1., n.d.

    Glenn Gould, playing the piano during his lecture on Arnold Schoenberg at the University of Cincinnati, 1963

    Glenn Gould as Theodore Slutz, 1980

    Glenn Gould as Sir Nigel Twitt-Thornwaite, 1980

    Glenn Gould as Karlheinz Klopweisser, 1980

    Glenn Gould, wearing a cap, overcoat and galoshes and sitting in the doorway of a caboose for a CBC publicity shot for The Idea of North, n.d.

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    posted on 09/06/2007

    我觉得古尔德的这个录像和你贴的那几幅画很象. 我很喜欢这个录像. 虽然是古尔德在家里的练习, 不是表演,但确非常inspiration.

    另外, 提一下我前一阵偶然发现的自立写的诗"倾听古尔德", 了解他的特殊感受.
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    posted on 09/06/2007

    老圣的录像真棒, 我还没看过哪

    我练琴,就是不投入。一边弹琴一边想着喝咖啡 :-)

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    posted on 09/06/2007

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    posted on 10/13/2007

    晚年的古尔德和Patricia Rideout (另一位加拿大出生的歌唱家)表演的交响诗(tone poem)-苏格兰狂想曲(Scottish Rhapsody, from Facade Suite).


    July wrote:
    而我最感兴趣的,并不是一个热爱巴赫的钢琴家,而是作为一个艺术家的Gould。 除了弹钢琴,Gould 还是一个作曲家,指挥家,艺术评论家,作家和一个隐居者。他的一生都在和各样疾病挣扎。
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    posted on 05/22/2013

    Reply July


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